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Boston University, Goldman School of Dental Medicine


Boston University
Goldman School of Dental Medicine
100 East Newton Street,
Suite G-317
Boston, MA 02118
Dean: Dr. Spencer N. Frankl
Patient Services: (617) 638-4700


2006 Facts
• Privately supported
• 98 pre-doctoral faculty,
  139 post-doctoral faculty
• 453 students
• 192 graduate students
• 60 days spent by senior
  dental students in
  community clinical settings

Community Partners:
• Boston Medical Center,
  Boston, MA
• Brockton Neighborhood
  Community H.C., Brockton, MA
• Brookside Community Health
  Center, Jamaica Plain, MA
• Codman Square
  Community Health Center,
  Boston, MA
• Dental Health Works,
  Keene, NH
• Dimock Street Health Center,
  Boston, MA
• Dorchester House, Boston, MA
• Family Health Centers, Ft. 
  Myers, FL
• Geiger-Gibson
  Community Health Center,
  Boston, MA
• Harvard Street Health Center,
  Boston, MA
• Holyoke Health Center,
  Holyoke, MA
• Indian Health Services, Ft.
  Defiance, AZ
• Lynn Community Health
  Center, Lynn, MA
• Mid Upper Cape Community Health Center, Hyannis, MA
• South Boston Community
  Health Center,
  South Boston, MA
• South End C. H. C., / Boston
  Healthcare for Homeless,
  South End, MA
• University of New England,
  College of Health
  Professionals, Portland, ME
• Uphams Corner Community
  HC, Boston, MA
• US Coast Guard, Yorktown, VA
• VA., Togus, ME
• VA., Miami, FL
• VA., Bedford, MA
• Whittier Street, Boston, MA

Project Contact Information
Dr. Ana Karina Mascarenhas
Project Director
Pipeline, Profession & Practice:
Community-Based Dental Education
Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine
715 Albany Street, 560
Boston, MA 02118
Tel (617) 638-4456
Fax (617) 638-6381

The School of Dental Medicine has a long tradition of improving oral health by building community partnerships, conducting oral health disparities research, and advocating changes in health policies.

The School has numerous service learning programs that provide needed care to the community while educating dental students. These programs include a 30-week mentoring program where freshman and sophomore students work in dental teams in practitioners’ offices and a 60-day senior externship in general and pediatric dentistry.

Project Accomplishments

  1. Increased the community-based senior externship program from 35 to 60 days.
  2. Provide annual in-service training for community-based faculty.
  3. Developed and implemented a cultural competency curriculum.
  4. Established learning initiatives for predoctoral students while on externship.
  5. Developed several summer internships and after-school programs for high school and college students interested in Dentistry.
  6. Developed Program White Coat to get elementary school children interested in Dentistry and health careers.
  7. Developed the Master of Arts in Medical Science Oral Health Curriculum, a degree program to assist students needing to improve their academic preparation before applying to dental school.
  8. Established a faculty position of Director of Minority Affairs devoted to minority recruitment.
  9. Secured a $4 million endowment from Delta Dental of Massachusetts to provide financial assistance to URM and disadvantaged applicants.
  10. Evaluating and monitoring outcomes of educational and recruitment programs.




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