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The Ohio State University, College of Dentistry

The Ohio State University
College of Dentistry
Postle Hall
305 West 12th Avenue
PO Box 182357
Columbus, OH 43218-2357
(614) 292-2401
Interim Dean: Dr. Carol Anderson


2006 Facts

Fourth-year dental students provided over $1M in dental services (per College fee schedule equivalency) to at risk Ohioans during three quarters of the 2005- 2006 academic year.

102 students are enrolled in the dental program.

11,808 patient encounters provided by students during three quarters of academic year 2005 -2006.

26,882 procedures documented by students in community sites.

50 days spent by senior dental students in community clinical settings throughout Ohio.

An average of 190 more patients were seen by each student in the Class of 2006 compared to the number of patients seen in the College clinic.

An average of 281 more procedures were performed per student in community sites than in the College clinic under adjunct faculty supervision.

Community Partners:

Columbus Health Department

East Central Family Health Center

Coshocton Dental Clinic

Nisonger Center

Third Street Family Health Services

Geriatric Dentistry Program

Johnston Road, Nisonger Center

Columbus Children’s Hospital

Dayton Veterans Affairs Medical Center

McMicken Dental Center

Northside Dental Center

Clinton Community Dental Services

Dental H.O.M.E. Coach

Lincoln Heights Health Care Connection

Miami Valley Hospital

Ross County Family Dental Clinic

Dental Center of Northwest Ohio

St. Elizabeth Health Center

Forum Health Northside Medical Center

MetroHealth Medical Center

Stark County Health Department

Project Contact Information
Dr. Canise Y. Bean
Project Director
Pipeline, Profession & Practice: Community-Based Dental Education
The Ohio State University
College of Dentistry
305 W. 12th Avenue,
P.O. Box 182357
Room 3153, Postle Hall
Columbus, OH 43218-2357
Tel (614) 688-5567
Fax (614) 247-6599

Since 1998, the College of Dentistry has worked with the state of Ohio to develop a statewide oral health plan to improve access to oral health services for residents of Ohio. In concert with this statewide plan, the College has transformed its curriculum to meet the goal of 60 days of service learning by senior dental students through its pipeline program known as the OHIO (Oral Health Improvement through Outreach) Project.

Currently, senior students spend 50 to 60 full days providing community-based oral health care at 21 facilities throughout the state of Ohio. 

Project Accomplishments include:

  1. Students currently spend 50 to 60 full days in community sites.
  2. The OHIO Project has a mandatory two-credit hour course component for all fourth-year students. 
  3. Graduation credit for most procedures is given for activity in community sites.
  4. The quantity of service has been documented and improved with the inclusion of students in community clinics.  The quality of care has been evaluated and documented to be standard or above standard quality through supervision by the adjunct faculty dentists.
  5. The clinical curriculum has been modified to include community-based clinical experiences in the first and second year. Modification has been made in the didactic curricula to include mandatory cultural competency class and an overview of community dentistry.
  6. An on-site and community six-week summer program for 11th and 12th grade students seeking a career in dentistry has been developed and successfully implemented for three years.
  7. An undergraduate summer D.A.T. Prep program has been developed to help underrepresented minority students better prepare for the standardized admissions test.
  8. A post-baccalaureate program is in place to strengthen a specific candidate’s background and skills in basic biological sciences and perceptual ability.
  9. Students have a greater perception of need because of the OHIO Project. 
  10. Relationships have been built with safety net clinics throughout Ohio expanding the employment opportunities of new graduates in community dentistry. 





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