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University of Southern California, School of Dentistry

University of Southern California
School of Dentistry
925 West 34th Street, DEN 203
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0641
(213) 740-2800
Dean: Dr. Harold C. Slavkin


2005-06 Facts
Privately funded, established in 1897
116 full-time faculty, 479 part-time clinical faculty members
631 students and 117 residents
172 graduating DDS and ASPID students
50 days by senior dental students and AEGD, GPR and Pediatric residents in rotations at community clinical settings

Community Partners and Sponsors:
Ayuda International
California Endowment
California Wellness Foundation
Catholic Health Care West
Change-A-Life Foundation
Children’s Dental Center
Children’s Hospitals - LA, Orange County & San Diego
Community Clinic Association of LA County
Community Partners
Colgate - Bright Smile, Bright Futures
Cooperative Healthcare for the Homeless Program - HRSA
Crest - Healthy Smiles 2010
Dental Coalition for Needy Children – Children’s Oral Health Project of So.Cal.
Dental Health Foundation - Oral Health Access Council
East LA Occupational Center – Dental Assisting Program
First Five - Los Angeles
Hollenbeck Home
KHEIR (Korean Health, Education, Information and Research) Center
Latinos for Dental Careers
LACCMMU (LA County Coalition of Medical Mobile Units)
Los Angeles County Department of Health Services
Los Angeles County Office of AIDS Programs
Los Angeles County + USC Medical Center
Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority
Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)
Los Angeles VA Outpatient Clinics
Medical Magnet High Schools – Bravo, Drew, Orthopaedic
Mexican American Alumni Association
Migrant Education – various counties
National Health Service Corps
QueensCare Clinics - Charitable Division
Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center
Skid Row Homeless Healthcare Initiative
USC Med-COR Program
USC Neighborhood Outreach (UNO) program
Union Rescue Mission
Veterans’ Administration Medical Center, Long Beach
Veterans’ Administration Outpatient Clinic, Downtown Los Angeles
Welcome Back programs – LA and San Diego offices
Weingart Foundation

Project Contact Information
Pipeline, Profession & Practice:
Community-Based Dental Education
University of Southern California
School of Dentistry
925 West 34th Street, DEN 4338
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0641

Dr. Roseann Mulligan
Principal Investigator
Tel (213) 740-1084
Fax (213) 740-1581

Niel Nathason
Project Director
Tel (213) 740-1523
Fax (213) 740-8663

The School of Dentistry has a long history of participating in community outreach programs that target underserved populations in the Southern California community as well as internationally.  Within Los Angeles County, where our dental school is located, 18% live in extreme poverty, more than 36% are foreign born, and 9.5 million residents representing more than 100 different ethnic/racial groups co-exist within a 2,000 square mile radius.  In its new strategic plan, the school renewed its commitment to reducing oral health disparities in the eight counties that comprise the Southern California region.

The school manages a wide range of community-based oral health programs that treat the homeless, disadvantaged children, frail elderly, developmentally disabled, and medically and mentally compromised patients.

Project Accomplishments include:

  1. Expanded senior dental student and resident rotations to average almost 50 days annually at community clinics to provide care for the underserved.
  2. Implemented student service-learning surveys to ascertain student attitudes regarding community health care and health disparities.
  3. Invited community and other oral health professionals to participate in the development of PBL case studies to emphasize cultural competency.
  4. Investigated, developed, and piloted ‘Spanish for Dentistry’ selective course sessions, emphasizing language skills for patient communication.
  5. Designed special activities (‘Dental Detectors’ days and ‘Dental Explorers’ summer session) to expose over 180 minority middle and high school students and their parents to the field of dentistry.
  6. Initiated an ‘Oral Health Training Curriculum’ and pre-dental clubs at the three L.A. area Medical Magnet High Schools and USC MedCOR.
  7. Created educational, mentoring, and leadership activities and community service opportunities for over 100 dental student volunteers.
  8. Collaborated with pre-health advisors and pre-dental clubs at southern California colleges to recruit minority students into dentistry.
  9. Developed a three-year DAT/dental school admission prep program for minority college students to augment the Pipeline program through additional California Wellness Foundation funding (2005-2008, $240,000).
  10. Developed a regional post-baccalaureate program over three summers, with successful dental school admission of all nine participants to date.
  11. Supported and participated in ‘Latinos for Dental Careers’ and ‘Welcome Back’ activities for recruiting minority students and re-training/re-licensing foreign-trained dentists to increase workforce diversity.
  12. Increased Latino and African-American student enrollment at USCSD –

      16 minority freshman admitted in 2006, a four-fold increase from 2003.

  1. Partnered with state and local dental societies, foundations, and university alumni groups to raise $250,000 in new minority scholarship funds.
  2. Developed community research projects with the USC program in Public Health with master’s degree student internships and rotations.
  3. Compiled patient data and collaborated with the Pipeline National Evaluation Team (NET) to analyze our student productivity at community sites.
  4. Networked with local and state dental societies, primary care associations, public health departments and others to develop strategies and policies that could increase the dental workforce and reduce oral health care disparities.



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