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Temple University School of Dentistry (TUSoD)

Temple University
School of Dentistry
3223 North Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19140
(215) 707-4238
R. Iván Lugo, DMD, MBA, FACD
Associate Dean, Office of Community Health and Institutional Relations


2006  Facts

Public/state-related supported

78 full-time, 105 part-time clinical faculty members

488 students

113 graduates

0-15 days spent by senior dental students in community clinical settings

Community Partners:

The Roberto Clemente Middle School, Philadelphia, PA

HealthLink Medical Center, Southampton, PA

Community Volunteers in Medicine, West Chester, PA

Tioga County Partnership for Community Health, Wellsboro, PA

Project Contact Information
R. Iván Lugo, DMD, MBA, FACD
Project Director
Pipeline, Profession & Practice: Community-Based Dental Education
Temple University
School of Dentistry
3223 North Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19140
Tel (215) 707-4238
Fax (215) 707-3472

The School of Dentistry is committed to comprehensive patient care and to providing its students with a variety of community-based service experiences.

In 2001, an Associate Dean for Institutional Relations and Community Affairs was appointed to further develop and implement community-based programs. These programs now serve thousands of underserved patients in Philadelphia, Chester, Montgomery and Tioga Counties in Pennsylvania. Additionally, community clinical rotations have become a requirement for graduation.

Project Accomplishments include:

  1. Increased the number of days senior students spend in community-based settings to 20 outreach rotation days.
  2. Established a school-based dental clinic at Roberto Clemente Middle School NE Philadelphia.
  3. TUSoD partnered with the Tioga County Partnership for Community Health and operates a dental clinic in Lawrenceville, PA.
  4. Established affiliations with private practices that serve multicultural and low-income patients.
  5. Created the Department of Dental Public Health Sciences to be the permanent academic home for the Community-based Dental Education Program (CBDEP).
  6. Hired a full-time recruiter to help increase the recruitment and retention of underrepresented minority and low-income students.
  7. Expanded the CBDEP for freshmen, sophomore, and junior students’ oral health education and promotion activities.
  8. Made scholarships available to minority and low-income students through grant funds.




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