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Loma Linda University, School of Dentistry

Loma Linda University
School of Dentistry
11092 Anderson Street
Loma Linda, CA 92350
Dean: Dr. Charles J. Goodacre
Patient Services (909) 558-4675


2003 Facts
• Privately supported
• 86 full-time, 114 part-time clinical faculty members
• 355 students
• 87 graduates
• 15 days spent by senior dental   students in community clinical settings

Community Partners:
• Arrowhead Regional Medical
• Coachella Valley Unified School
• Family Services Association Riverside County
• First 5 Riverside (Children and Commission)
• First 5 San Bernardino (Children and Families Commission)
• Loma Linda University Medical Center
• Preschool Services Division San Bernardino County
• Redlands Unified School District
• Riverside Community Colleges - Dental Hygiene
• Riverside County Regional Medical Center
• San Antonio Community Hospital Dental Center
• Victor Valley Dental Service Program

Project Contact Information
Charles Goodacre, D.D.S., M.S.D.
Pipeline, Profession & Practice: Community-Based Dental Education
Loma Linda University
School of Dentistry
11092 Anderson Street
Loma Linda, CA 92350
Tel  (909) 558-4683
Fax (909) 558-0483


Community service is a primary objective of the School of Dentistry and an integral part of the School’s clinical activities. The School has community-based dental education sites in elementary schools, community health centers and county hospitals.

Funding from the Children and Families Commission of California allows the School to transport hundreds of very young children from remote desert areas to its facilities for specialized dental care. Additionally, the School offers senior students and pediatric dentistry residents the opportunity to participate in foreign mission trips to underserved countries such as Africa, Ecuador, Mexico, and the Ukraine.

Project Activities

  1. Over the next four years, the School of Dentistry will:
  2. Increase the number of off-site service days for all students - especially juniors and seniors - from 11 days to 60 days per year.
  3. Set up model clinics and increase the number of community sites where students participate in patient-centered practices.
  4. Expand busing program and partnerships with community clinics to treat children from remote desert or mountain areas.
  5. Enhance curriculum with new courses focused on “cultural competency” for students and develop training sessions with a similar focus for faculty.
  6. Design a student orientation and reflection component for each service activity.
  7. Enhance current classes in public health policy, oral public health issues, and broad-based social and behavioral sciences.
  8. Support recruitment, enrichment coursework assistance, and scholarship funding (where possible) to prospective “feeder” high schools and colleges with large numbers of URM/LI students.
  9. Develop relationships with private practice dentists who care for large numbers of the underserved who will allow for student rotations in their private practices.
  10. Cooperate with other California dental schools to develop health policies that will provide legislative support for community service and provider recruitment programs.



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